Friday's Child is a unique children's clothing and toy store. Born from a mom's love for her children and nurtured from that same love. The idea that if I have to buy new children's clothes, why not buy children's clothes that I really dig? You know, cool stuff, colorful stuff, fun stuff, funky stuff, offbeat stuff - stuff you can't find anywhere else, or in any boring children's clothing box.

Let's throw in a bunch of way cool children's toys - the kind that aren't always just powered by batteries, but imagination; the kind that don't litter landfills, but are actually created from recyclables; the kind that aren't mindless diversion, but mind-expanding.

Welcome to Friday's Child. Cool styles. Cool toys. Cool kids. Cool parents. Cool grandmas and grandpas too. They're all here at Friday's Child. We're glad to see you here, too.